Moderator Unica Sensor Bio 15 kW

Moderator Unica Sensor Bio 15 kW

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Unica Sensor Bio is a universal kit for combustion of solid fuels in the form of wood, coal, pellets. The kit consists a boiler UNICA SENSOR, pellet burner Moderator with an automatic fuel feed and ignition and also tank.

Versatility is possible thanks to the detachable burner (quick assembly and disassembly) and the classic design of the boiler for manual fuel loading UNICA Sensor. It is a high-efficiency boiler, which allows combustion in an efficient manner different types of fuels. Its advantage is a very wide opening which allows loading of long logs in a large combustion chamber.

In the frame of the door the pellet burner is installed. This solution allows to use various fuels and easy cleaning.

Fuel tank can be set on the right or left side of the boiler.

Fuel for automatic burning:
- Pellet

Fuel for manual burning:
- Coal
- Wood
- A mix of carbon and culm

- 5 years for tightness of the exchanger
- 2 years for other elements

Product specification

Power output 15 kW
Weight 214 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 160 mm
Water capacity 61 L
Height 1400 mm
Width 1050 mm
Depth 1450 mm
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 220x390 mm
Silo volume 370 dm³
Min. chimney height 8 m


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