Kitchen stove Retro - 7,9kW

Kitchen stove Retro - 7,9kW

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RETRO coal-burning cookers are used in:

coal-burning cookers are designed for boiling, frying and baking. The cookers are equipped with an oven, stationary grate, air flow to grate controller and flue gas circulation handle. A furnace, ash pit and oven doors are located in the cooker front wall. The oven has a protective insulation to ensure uniform interior heating and is equipped with a sheet-metal baking tray.


  • households,

  • detached houses,

  • holiday cottages.

Technical specifications:

Chimney draught

10 Pa

Cooking efficiency

>= 25%

Thermal efficiency

>= 70%

Thermal capacity

>= 7900W what correspond to burning of 1,6 kg of carbon with 25 500 kJ/kg calorific value per hour


Cooker dimensions


860 mm


900 mm


630 mm

Oven doors dimensions


230 mm


302 mm


440 mm

RETRO cooker design:

The furnace and flue gas circulation channels are lined with chamotte bricks and insulating plates. Depending upon the location of the flue gas outlet hole, so called left (L) and right (P). Depending upon his needs, the customer uses the standard execution (with back wall hole) or changes the flue gas direction himself by exchanging the flue gas outlet sheet (back, side) position and changing the pipe cap location. The cookers can also be equipped with heating insert located in the furnace chamber. At normal (10 Pa) chimney draught and burning rated coal amount of 1.6 kg/h the insert performance is as follows:

  • thermal efficiency > 20%,

  • thermal capacity > 2 200 W.

Product specification

Power output 7.9 kW
Efficiency 70 %
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 130 mm
Height 860 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth 630 mm
Weight 150 kg


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