Insulated conversion kit PROSAT 3 class for Viadrus U22, U26 and DAKON FB boiler - 7 segments

Insulated conversion kit PROSAT 3 class for Viadrus U22, U26 and DAKON FB boiler - 7 segments

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This insulated kit allows you to fully automate the work of Viadrus cast-iron boilers. It is the successor of the well-known and reliable construction.
The kit is insulated from the inside with a high-quality mineral wool and thanks to that the efficiency of the system is increased. In addition, to increase the durability of the whole set, the door is made of cast-iron.

Conversion kit for VIADRUS U22 and U26 is designed to burn solid fuels such as hard coal, brown coal, culm and pellet which in combination with a cast-iron grate of Viadrus boiler makes this set a truly universal.

Feeding screw
Feeding screw, similarly to burner is made of cast-iron which is much more durable than a normal steel and thanks to that it can easily move the fuel with a higher content of humidity and sulphur.

To increase the strength and durability of the entire set, the producer used the burner of second generation that was entirely made of cast-iron which is much more resistant to high temperatures than ordinary steel. By using modern technologies during the construction of the burner, it is possible to burn fuel of inferior quality.

The base of the set is universal so the fuel tank can be placed on the left or on the right side of the boiler.

Fuel tank
The tank has a capacity of about 180 kg (coal). Doors are sealed and thanks to that the dry fuel in the tank is protected from the humid air.

Steering (optional)

It is recommended to buy a modern steering.

Presentation 360°

Product specification

Boiler class (303-5:2012) 3
Number of segments 7 pcs


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