Heat pump air-water Galmet Spectra 200 with 1 coil

Heat pump air-water Galmet Spectra 200 with 1 coil

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Heat pump for domestic hot water

Ecological heat pump Spectra ensures comfort of hot water and a guarantee of savings. By using renewable energy sources you can heat water to a temperature up to 55 ° C. The integrated heat pump storage tank with a capacity of 200 liters ensures hot water for 4 - 5 person family.

Economical heat pump

Ease of use heat pump with "Party" function allows you to express water heating. For the safety of your family heat pump is equipped with the Anti-Legionella function. Eco function optimizes the operation of the pump. Low power consumption and excellent performance confirms the high energy efficiency class A.

Hybrid system

The additional coil allows to connect the Spectra heat pump with an additional, external heat source: boiler or solar collectors in hybrid water heating system. Cooperation with additional devices is managed by heat pump controller.

Comfortable heat pump

Touchscreen, intuitive control with color LCD screen allows you to manage heat pump and circulation pump. For the management of various schemes of water heating, every driver has a preloaded database configuration. It offers the ability to set an hourly schedule of operation of the pump. Pump Controller allows you to maintain a certain temperature water in the tank. The display shows the current parameters and temperature. All of these options are available from the dedicated room regulator.

Comprehensive solutions

Spectra heat pump is installed inside the building and only requires connections: hydraulic, electrical and air supply.

Product specification

Power output 4 kW
Energy efficiency class A
Weight 125 kg
Capacity 200 l
COP 3.52
Loudness 58 dB
Amount of coils 1 item
Coil capacity 200 l
Max. water temperature 55 °C
Absorbed power 453 W
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Height 1490 mm
Width 660 mm
Depth 670 mm


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