Heat pump air-water EasyAir 2 GT BASIC 263 L with 2 coils

Heat pump air-water EasyAir 2 GT BASIC 263 L with 2 coils

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Heat pump air-water EasyAir 2 GT BASIC with two steel coils is a compact device ready to very easy assembling in new and old buildings.

Without drilling, digging, falling the walls and mounting anything on the outside of the building.

- Power: 1.92 kW
- The value of COP: 3.2
- Weight: 185 kg
- Capacity: 263 L
- Drying room while the heater is on
- The effect of cooling will working in the summer
- Heating the water to a temperature of 55°C by using the R134a
- Ability to set the time in which water will be heated
- The ECO function - Economic DHW mode
- The function for automatic overheating the tray
- The PARTY function - Express heating domestic hot water
- Installation of heat pumps at one of the outside walls
- Electric heater for periodic heating in the standard

Product specification

Power output 1.92 kW
Weight 185 kg
Capacity 263 l
COP 3.2
Loudness 45 dB
Max working pressure 6 bar
Absorbed power 600 W


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