Gas water heater Termica PSW 100 with coil

Gas water heater Termica PSW 100 with coil

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Gas heater Termica PSW with coil is a versatile and economical solution for the entire year. In the winter, the coil allows you to heat water through the central heating boiler, while in summer the water is heated using a build-in gas burner. Under the steel casing and the insulation there is a container made of stainless steel. Termica PSW has a number of security features such as device that shut-off the gas supply in a situation when the flame goes out, the sensor for chimney draft atrophy with the limiter preventing to boil the water and factory installed safety valve.

Gas heater is insensitive to water pressure drops, allows for firing natural gas or liquid (propane-butane). If you need a higher demand for hot water heaters can be connected wit each other.

Product specification

Water capacity 100 l
Amount of coils 1 item
Weight 38 kg
Coil size 0.39 m²
Diameter 470 mm
Energy efficiency class B
Height 1205 mm
Warranty 8 Years


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