Gas heater VULKAN

Gas heater VULKAN

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Radiator VULKAN - warms us in the cold evenings and will allow for moments of relaxation and tranquility.
Gas Radiator VULKAN - beautify the landscape gardens, terraces and encourage you to spend pleasant moments in shops and gardens options. Perfect for outdoor events, giving pleasant warmth and magical atmosphere.

Advantages of radiator VULKAN

  • safe, including CE certificates recognized in any EU country,
  • cheap - optimum gas consumption in relation to thermal performance,
  • durable - resistant to weather conditions (all steel components are made entirely of stainless steel),
  • They have high thermal efficiency,
  • Polish product - are supporting the Polish economy, only a few elements are produced in the European Union,
  • a wide range of additional products and spare parts,


VULKAN This type of gas patio heaters. The fixed, which combines low cost using and a small consumption of 0,3 kg to max 0,5 kg/h, which gives about 2,5 zł/ h. Comparing the use of other radiators of this type of radiator VULKAN consumption is at least about 50% lower.


The optimum height provides heat distribution evenly, allowing for maximum heating effect.The upper canopy increases the thermal comfort, and does not allow the poison fumes persons residing in the vicinity of the radiator by removing exhaust over him, but the pipe made of boron-silicon material with mesh allows for safe contact with the flame.

Gas radiator type VULKAN is the production of Poland, which has European safety certificates.

Model - VULKAN
Equipment category - I3B/P,
Type of gas - Gas Propane - Butane PLBP,
Pressure - 37,38,50 mbar,
Power - max. 8,5 kW,
Gas consumption - max 0,59 kg/h,
Maximum cable length - 1,5 mb (40/10 bar ¢ 10),
Nozzle - 1,40 (1,18 przy 50 mbar)


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