Fireplace Kratki Basia 15 + glass

Fireplace Kratki Basia 15 + glass

Catalog number: BASIA/PF| NN: 37123



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Elegant and solid Fireplace "Basia" with thermal power 15 kW it's essential element of cozy home.

Fireplace wtih "Glass system" in standard.

The "Glass system" is a fireplace modification with extra glass, thanks to the dimmed edges of glass makes it more modern. To achieve this, the edge of the door is milled and only thin part of the bar is visible. This allows to create the illusion that opens just the glass itself.
The glass is not part of the self-assembly, so you have to make decision while ordering the fireplace.

Product specification

Power output 12 kW
Efficiency 70 %
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 200 mm
Height 759 mm
Width 900 mm
Depth 485 mm
Weight 128 kg
Max. length of wood 500 mm


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