Exchanger with 1 spiral coil GALMET SGW(S) 720

Exchanger with 1 spiral coil GALMET SGW(S) 720

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Warranty: 60 months
External coating: skay – artificial leather

  • Water heaters with a coil serve to heat utiliy water by a central heating boiler or using solar energy.

  • Additionally, water can be heated up be an electric heater. Such construction of the heater exchanger enables its effective usage during whole year.

  • These tanks are enamelled inside with high quality ceramic enamel EXTRA GLASS series and contain a large magnesium anode.

Product specification

Water capacity 694 l
Max working pressure 10 bar
Weight 260 kg
Exchanger surface 2.4 m²
Exchanger power 70°/10°/45° 57.6 kW
Exchanger efficiency 70°/10°/45° 1380 l/h
Exchanger power 80°/10°/45° 76.8 kW
Exchanger efficiency 80°/10°/45° 1840 l/h
Demand for heating water from boiler 4 m³/h
H1 350 mm
H2 430 mm
H3 650 mm
H4 910 mm
H5 1030 mm
H6 1110 mm
H7 1760 mm
H8 1770 mm
L 2140 mm
D 855 mm


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