DAKON FB 20 D - 18 kW

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Dakon FB boilers are design for burning coal, wood and wood briquettes.

These boilers are made of high quality cast iron. In the boiler fuel burn in stages. Access of air is adjusted automatically.

FB boilers represent a large durability in operation at low temperatures. Boilers can be used in thermosiphon systems and as well with forced water circulation. Expansion tanks can be opened or the pressure one.

Boilers comes with a draught regulator in standard and a cooling loop.

- 3 years on the body
- 12 months for the others elements

Fireclay cartridges, cords sealing, insulation and wall mounted moving rack are not covered by warranty.


Product specification

Power output 20 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 150 mm
Weight 228 kg
Efficiency 82 %
Water capacity 27 L
Height 1033 mm
Width 490 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 840 mm
Loading compartment dimensions 310 x 230 mm
Required chimney draught 20 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 50 inch


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