Copper bathroom radiator GMY4 528x1540 Ecru

Copper bathroom radiator GMY4 528x1540 Ecru



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Bathroom copper towel warmers are excellent proposal for demanding clients who appreciate durability, functionality and elegant design.

Copper construction of warmer assures long-lasting efficiency while finishing of surface with layer of chrome or high quality varnish layer in Ecru and Graphite colors makes it ideally suit the interior of almost every bathroom.

Usability of towel warmers:
- corrosion resistant,
- aesthetic and strong mountings,
- high quality of varnish and chrome layers,
- attractive design with ecru and graphite colors,
- traditional compact construction.

In set:
- 4 assembly mountings,
- vent valve,
- plug,
- mains connection,
- manual.

Product specification

Height 1540 mm
Width 528 mm
Power output 75°/65°/20° 892 W
Power output 90°/70°/20° 1107 W
Connectors spacing 500 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Max working pressure 10 bar
Color Ecru
Warranty 5 years


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