Cooling circuit WZS-3 for boilers 35-90 kW - BVTS

Cooling circuit WZS-3 for boilers 35-90 kW - BVTS

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For boilers: 35 - 90 kW

- Boiler connection: 6/4"
- Water connection: 1/2"

Warranty: 24 months

Weight: 11 kg

Cooling circuit WZS - 3 is designed to protect the boiler from overheating. It can be used in a closed and an open system, it does not affect the functioning of the boiler. The highest quality materials was use to build the WZS - 3. Good materials plus BVTS valve allow to cool large size installation with relatively small cooling circuit. While connecting the WZS KW90x90 you should remember about reducing valve and reduce the pressure to 2 bar, which gives better performance (about 18 L/min).


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