Complete underfloor package - for heating max 220 square metres - XL-8 package

Complete underfloor package - for heating max 220 square metres - XL-8 package

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Package XL-8 for heating 200 – 220 m2.

Ideal for heating of six rooms.

A three-way mixing valve ESBE is responsible for preparation of water with optimum parameters for the underfloor system. The valve is equipped with a room controller integrated with an acuator 90C type. The basic information transmitted to the controller is the value of the outside temperature measured by a sensor. Water sucked by the pump is mixed in the valve and passed to the 8 circuit manifold. The system contains a pump with electronic modulation, which protects the package hydraulically, and prevents the system from loud work when the thermostatic valves are closed. Water transmitted to the manifold is divided into 8 heating citcuits. Every circuit is equipped with a valve that is closed and opened by a thermoelectric actuator. The actuator receives impulses from a room thermostat when the temperature in a room increases or decreases. Due to the fact that the heating circuits may differ in length, there are flowmeters mounted on the return bar. By using this solution, the flow of water can be regulated in every circuit, preventing the underfloor heating from uneven work of every individual circuit (underheating and overheating).

XL-8 package  (about 200m2 heating panel) comprises of:
- mixing valve AG 1“ GZ ESBE – 1 item
- weather respone controller with an actuator 90C ESBE - 1 item
- thermoelectrical actuator AFRISO – 8 items
- room thermostat TA 3n IMIT – 6 items
- pump WILO Stars RS 25/1-5 with couplings - 1 item
- electric list - 1 item
- connections – 1 package
- deaerator AFRISO – 2 items
- manifold R8 – 1 item
- detailed assembly instruction – 1 item
- pipe 16 x 2,0 mm HENCO - please choose the required pipe quantity at the bottom of the page




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