Complete solar package ENSOL (3 collectors ES2V 2,65S Al-Cu) /2W.500/STDC/S35 for 5 - 7 people family

Complete solar package ENSOL (3 collectors ES2V 2,65S Al-Cu) /2W.500/STDC/S35 for 5 - 7 people family

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Complete package for domestic hot water heating with collectors ES2V 2,65S Al-Cu destined for 5 - 7 people family. The set includes a tank with two coils. The lower coil is to be connected to the solar system. The upper one to another source of heat, e.g. a boiler.

The package comprises of


3 x flat collector ES2V 2,65S Al-Cu with the following parameters
Casing construction: alu-frame
Warranty: 10 years

Type of absorber:  
0.5 mm Al sheet
Selective layer: 
high selective layer
Production technology: 
laser welding
This is a high quality product made in Poland.



Double pump group PWM with air separator



Solar controller SOREL STDC v3


Solar expansion vessel 35L


Enameled domestic hot water tank with 2 coils 500 L


Solar liquid, temperature of frozing: below -30 oC - 20 L


Complete set of fittings,
2 x flexible connection 3/4” 1500 mm with coating 9 mm



The package can be mounted on a flat or an aslant roof. Choose the correct option at the top of the description.


The connection elements and the mounting set are made in stainless steel.







Advantages of this solar package:

  • High quality

  • Reliability due to the long warranty period

  • Easy connection to any typical heating system

  • Simple and economical assembly

  • Simply operated solar regulator


Product specification

Collector efficiency 85.2 %
Collector surface 2.65 m²
Height 2356 mm
Width 1120 mm
Thickness 85 mm
Weight 49 kg


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