Compact solar system ST20-1800 PVDF - pressureless

Compact solar system ST20-1800 PVDF - pressureless



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Solar water heater - pressureless compact system PVDF ST20-1800


Systems are divided into pressure and pressureless compact in the set (is composed of a frame, tank, pipes and minor elements). For pressure systems use pipes of the type heat-pipe where the water is heated only in the tank. The pressureless system is based on pipe type VACUUM in which water is heated which circulates in accordance with the principles of physics.
Solar water heater is a device in which the heating medium is directly water we use. The device uses only its heating energy from the sun, which allows a significant reduction hot water heating costs in spring and autumn. The water in the vacuum tubes heats up, which results in the convection. The cold, heavier water sinks to the bottom of the tank, flows into the pipe and thereby forces the hot, light water up. The maximum temperature of water does not exceed 90 ° C, which completely prevents the development of the bacteria of the genus Legionellaand also allows trips from home for any length of time without the risk of overheating and damage to the heating system. Thanks to the tank insulation polyurethane foam having a thickness of 50 mm and vacuum pipes, the temperature of the water in the tank falls during the night, only 5-8 ° C. The vacuum which fills the space between the two layers of toughened glass, which is built each tube can not allow that the energy of sunlight is converted by the absorption layers covering the center pipe from the outside in the heat, it could get out. In combination with a 5 cm thick layer of insulating foam integrated into the tube outer the tank has excellent insulating properties.
To assembling a set is sufficient a wrench and a material capable of slip to screw in the pipe in the seals (eg. Liquid dishwashing detergent). Connecting the device to the home installation consists of putting a tube of cold water and hot lead from the collector. Since in this case we are dealing with a non-pressure tank may be necessary to use a pump with a pressure sensor in order to give the water back into the system at an appropriate pressure.


  • maintenance-free
  • the system is proven and reliable
  • requires no maintenance or servicing
  • it can be installed everywhere and by everyone
  • the device is silent
  • does not wear out
  • we guarantee in writing 10 year warranty on the whole system
  • life of the device is a minimum of 15 years
  • the spare parts and whole sets are available from stock
  • our transport delivery within 24 hours of the order
  • we conduct free training of employees and presentations within agreed time limits
  • cheap
  • EU grants on the purchase



  • 10 years


Technical Data

Type of vacuum tubes


The dimensions of the vacuum tubes (śr. x dł.)(mm)


Tank capacity (L)


Hail resistance to diameter (mm)


Number of tubes (pcs.)


Effective absorption area (m2)


Max. water temperature (deg. C)


Dimensions(dł. x szer. x wys.)(mm)


Satisfy daily demand for hot tap water for

3-4 people


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