Communications module VIDE GSM

Communications module VIDE GSM




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communication module is a device to help you perform the 3 main tasks

Communication with the IGNEO GSM Module type using SMS

Your mobile phone provides an easy way to read and exchange control parameters heating irrespective of his place.

Working with telecommunications equipment with drivers type IGNEO

Starting the CAN bus connection, VIDE GSM module controls the operation of boilers and performs related changes parameter settings, regardless of where in the house.

Stand-alone operation

The module is equipped with two slots responsible of temperature measurement and two slots used for input and output contractors. The configuration panel allows easy setting of SMS messages about important changes related to the work of the sensors:

  • exceeding the allowable range of room temperature,
  • alarm when the input contact is closed or open, used eg. when notifications when closing or opening of gates, doors or garages.

The output pin (binary), allows for remote turn on or off of any electrical equipment. Thanks to mobile phones, the user can read the current measurement of the module and perform changes to the settings.

GSM connection is made possible by a SIM card, which can be purchased from any GSM mobile network operator

NOTE: VIDE GSM Web module works only with the company Estyma IGNEO line of compatible version of software driver (in the "INFO" menu the logo of VIDE NET must be present).


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