Central heating pump GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 L 25-40 180

Central heating pump GRUNDFOS ALPHA2 L 25-40 180

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ALPHA2 L is an economical and at the same time high-performance pump. Reliable pumps meet the stringent requirements of the European Directive.

The pump has been built on a knowledge and practice of 3,000,000 units sold. The ALPHA2 L reduces energy consumption by a 80% compared with conventional pumps. ALPHA2 L consumes only 81 kWh per year (calculation based on a house of 150m2 and 6,840 hours of heating per year). It can be used in all types of installations: one or two pipes and radiators or underfloor heating system.

Warranty - 2 years


Product specification

Pressure head H max 4 m
Power supply 230V / 50Hz
Media temperature 2 - 110 °C
Length 180 mm
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/2 inch
Number of settings 3
Weight 2.4 kg


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