Cast-iron lower combustion boiler Viadrus U24 10 członów - 74kW

Cast-iron lower combustion boiler Viadrus U24 10 członów - 74kW

Nominal heating power:
- coke: 74 kW
- black coal: 67 kW
- brown coal: 55 kW
Fuels: coke, black coal, brown coal

Construction: cast-iron exchanger, lower combustion boiler
Warranty: 5 years for the heat exchanger, 2 years for other elements

These boilers are equipped with two standard draught regulators. One is situated in the front and the second in the back of the boiler.

Advantages of the VIADRUS HERCULES U 24 boilers :

- long lifetime of the cast-iron heat exchanger
- long-term verified construction
- sophisticated manufacturing technology
- simple operation and maintenance
- output graduation by the amount of sections
- ecological burning


Product specification

Power output 74 kW
Weight 612 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Efficiency 80 %
Water capacity 107.8 L
Height 1161 mm
Width 665 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 850 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1602 mm
Max working pressure 4 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 245x195 mm
Required chimney draught 35 Pa
Number of segments 10 pcs


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