Boiler Viadrus U22 BASIC - 10 segments - 58,1 kW

Boiler Viadrus U22 BASIC - 10 segments - 58,1 kW

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- 5 years boiler tightness
- 2 years boiler accessories

- hard coal
- wood

Body: Cast iron

Power Output:
- 57 kW for coal
- 49 kW for wood

Viadrus U22 S are build with larger burning chamber door which easying load of bigger coal and wooden chunk. Viadrus U22 boiler can be upgraded to operate with steering and draught regulator which help to burn coal fuels. This option can be choose from drop menu at the bottom of this page. Additional charge may be apply.

VIADRUS U22 HERCULES boiler can works with dead load or forced heating water circulation. The universality of this boiler lies in the possibility of adaptation from solid fuel to gas/liquid fuel and vice versa. The boiler has a long life time, low requirements for chimney draught and easy manipulation - regulation elements include only chimney flap and draught regulator for the control of combustion air supply. Boiler with CE certificate.

All boilers include burning meter and tools for cleaning.

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Product specification

Power output 58.1 kW
Weight 448 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Efficiency 80 %
Water capacity 64.4 L
Height 917 mm
Width 508 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 650 mm
Depth 1354.5 mm
Burning place depth 909 mm
Required chimney draught 28 Pa
Number of segments 10 pcs


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