Boiler Tekla DRACO Duo Bio 35

Boiler Tekla DRACO Duo Bio 35

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A steel double-furnace boiler with a burner for pellets. The design of DRACO DUO BIO boiler is based on proven and very effective double-furnace exchanger. In BIO series boilers, there is a unique burner for pellets installed instead of a retort burner, which is made of heat-resistant steel. There are two holes on the grate of the burner, which provide the flow of air necessary for the combustion, supplied by a blower installed directly to the air mixer. The boiler exchanger is made of high quality attested steel 8 mm thick. A proper operation of the boiler is controlled by a modern electronic adjuster with clear LCD display.

The advantages of the boiler:
- Boiler exchanger made of high quality steel 8 mm thick
- Additional (emergency) combustion chamber with a water grate
- Completely automatic operation of the boiler (automatic ignition and extinguishing of a burner)
- Easy and fast operation and maintenance
- Return temperature adjustment mode through adjuster control on a four-way valve
- Room thermostat option
- Economical operation
- Low level of harmful substances in exhaust fumes
- High efficiency

- 5-year warranty for tightness of the exchanger

- Main: pellets
- Substitute: coal, wood

Product specification

Power output 35 kW
Weight 470 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 145 mm
Efficiency 90 %
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Required chimney draught 15 Pa


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