Boiler STALMARK GAJOWY for wood, wood chips, coal - 18 kW

Boiler STALMARK GAJOWY for wood, wood chips, coal - 18 kW

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GAJOWY boiler is designed mainly for combustion of wood-based fuels: wood, wood chips, pellet, briquet. As a substitute fuel the user may use coal.
The boiler is adapted to install a draught regulator which effectively controls the combustion process.
The boiler was made of 8 mm attested steel.

Advantages of GAJOWY boiler:
thickness of an inner exchanger – 8 mm
cast iron grate
innovative air swirler (slows down the flue gas outlet and increases efficiency)
large combustion chamber
the construction of the boiler enables to open the doors on the right and left side
high efficiency
quick and easy usage
economic exploitation
low level of hazardous substances in fumes
possibility of using different fuels

5 years for tightness of exchanger
2 years for other elements.

Basic fuel: wood, wood chips, pellet, briquet
Substitute fuel: coal

Product specification

Power output 18 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 180 mm
Weight 330 kg
Efficiency 83 %
Size of heated surface 160 m²
Water capacity 63 L
Boiler heating surface 1.9 m²
Height 1230 mm
Width 522 mm
Depth 1024 mm
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Required chimney draught 24 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 6/4 inch
Power supply 230 V


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