Boiler PEREKO KSW Plus - 250 kW

Boiler PEREKO KSW Plus - 250 kW


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Boiler PEREKO KSW PLUS - is an extension of the production line of central heating boilers from the PEREKO KSW series. PEREKO KSW PLUS series has been enhanced with an electronic controller with a ventilator, which increases the period of slow-burning up to 18 hours. Prolongation of boiler operation without maintenance greatly increases the user comfort. An electronic controller mounted on the PEREKO KSW Plus boiler, is responsible for maintaining the desired temperature and fan speed control. KSW Plus boiler is equipped with a controller that supports up to two circulation pumps. This solution enables the use of a boiler in more complex installations where there is both: central heating circulation water pump and a domestic hot water cirulaction pump. In case of power failure the boiler is designed for immediate burning without active electronic devices.

Advantages of boilers PEREKO KSW

  • High efficiency achieved by a solid construction
  • Good insulation of the water body
  • Tinplate external jacket powder painted
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Easy to use
  • Large range of thermal regulation: Auto - through the controller regulator or manual - by setting air dampers on the door and the flue exit
  • Low levels of air pollution
  • Slow-burning period for maximum thermal output of 8h, average thermal efficiency 18h
  • Fast and effective de-ashing through a movable element between the grate
  • Water grate

PEREKO KSW PLUS high power industrial boiler

Offer directed to owners of buildings with an area of over 1000 m² like commercial buildings, factories and manufacturing plants. Boilers with such high power as PEREKO KSW PLUS 250 kW are coming with an electronic control unit (Steering unit) and Extraction ventilator.

All high power boilers have extended size doors and large cleaning holes, enabling a convenient exploitation and reducing maintenance to a minimum. The Boiler construction is based on two air flow chambers. For the production P265GH steel grade was used (to ensure safety of high pressure and temperature equipment with a thickness of 8 mm) to guarantee durability and reliability of the heat exchanger.

Warranty for the boiler PEREKO KSW PLUS

  • 10 years warranty on the tightness for welded connections
  • 6 years for the tightness of the heat exchanger
  • 24 months warranty for other elements


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