Boiler Moderator Unica Vento Eko 20 kW

Boiler Moderator Unica Vento Eko 20 kW

Available Options

36 months for sealing of the heat exchanger
24 months for other elements

Unika Vento Eko is a proposal for clients expecting comfort in use and looking for high quality boilers. A heat exchanger of high efficiency, with upgraded retort feeder allows for burning pea coal assortment, pellets or even fine coal in an emergency situation. The boiler can also work in a manual mode. As a result of many years of experience a cast iron grate ( no water grate) is used in the boiler.

- boiler cleaning set
- cast iron grate
- ash drawer 

The controller has the menu in the following languages: PL, EN, RU, LT, EE, LV, CZ, DE, HU.

Product specification

Power output 20 kW
Weight 433 kg
Efficiency 84.6 %
Min. chimney diameter 180 mm
Water capacity 80 L
Width 1390 mm
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Silo volume 310 dm³
Max. length of wood 310 mm
Min. chimney height 10 m
Power supply 230V / 50Hz


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