Boiler Metal-Fach Classic SEG BIO-100

Boiler Metal-Fach Classic SEG BIO-100

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SOKOL steel boilers Classic BIO SEG series are low-temperature devices with automatic fuel feeder and torch gutter. They are designed for water heating systems in houses, farms and farm buildings.

Fuel: pellets and grains (burning on the burner).

Boilers for use in open central heating with gravity or forced water systems, having safeguards.

Boilers SOKOL Classic BIO SEG series are equipped with a modern controller - advanced electronics for controlling solid fuel burner. Driver installed in boilers which burns: pellet/grains, wood, pea coal. The controller has three modes of operation. Each user has the ability to modify the parameters responsible for the combustion process.

To the controller can be connected to the following devices:
- Central heating pump
- Hot water pump
- Igniter
- Cleaning system
- The oxygen sensor module LMOD1
- Blower
- Boiler thermal safety devices
- Feeder

Advanced control algorithms worked out on the basis of the experience and thorough research bring benefits. Modern methods of automatic control using fuzzy logic significantly increase efficiency.

Boiler driver:
- Helps you to save up to 20% of fuel
- Minimizes the formation of soot and emissions
- Stabilize the power of the heating
- Automatically adjusts to the needs of the building

The oxygen sensor provides high precision relevant data on which controller calculates boiler efficiency and can modulate the power of the blower, providing the right amount of air so important in the combustion process.

Product specification

Power output 100 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 220 mm
Weight 995 kg
Efficiency 90 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 3
Water capacity 194 L
Boiler heating surface 8.2 m²
Height 1580 mm
Width 1505 mm
Width without hopper 793 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 1215 mm
Depth 1325 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1570 mm
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 600 x 264 mm
Silo volume 470 dm³
Required chimney draught 40 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 6/4” inch
Power supply 230/50
Absorbed power 400 W
Warranty 5 lat


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