Boiler for small coal PEREKO KSR Beta 35kW

Boiler for small coal PEREKO KSR Beta 35kW

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PEREKO KSR Beta 35 kW small coal boiler

Convenience of automatic furnaces with feeder system

PEREKO KSR Beta central heating boiler is an incredible pleasure to use in daily operation of the boiler mainly by automating the process of combustion. Construction of the boiler and the heat exchanger has been significantly improved, number of water shelfs has increased and is arranged opposite the outlet (flue channel). Along with the new burner PSR (steel retort burner) the PEREKO boiler can burn virtually any type of peas and small coal with granulation less than 31.5 mm (After extending the boiler with a single function BVTS cooling valve it is possible to use pellets as solid fuel substitute).


Safe boiler combustion

Boiler security is guaranteed by it temperature sensors. Generated alarm is a consequence of reading too high furnace temperature (85-90 °C) and automatically switched off feeder and blower fan. In the case of a sudden temperature rise central heating pump is turn on, so that the heat excess is transferred to the water and is distributed to the central heating installation. Boiler PEREKO KSR Beta with controller responds to overheating of the screw feeder (heat passing from the top of the return burner and penetrating the feeder supply channel), the lack of small coal in the storage tank and the difficulty of obtaining the desired temperature setpoint. Noteworthy is the mechanism of the safety pin protectin the gear motor from destruction in case of blocking the screw feeder (the pin breaks under tension and the geared motor operates without excessive burden and risk of burning the motor unit).

Grate bar: cast iron, emergency

Feeder: steel, with feeding screw

Ventilator: Pressure

Burner: Steel, Retort

Steering : boiler, CH pump, CUW pump, ventilator

Language menu: English [ EN ], Polish [ PL ], German [ DE ]

Steering functions: alarm, parallel pumps, CH and CUW priority, Summer mode

Communication: RS232

Sensor: temperature of DHW, temperatury podajnika, central heating temperature

Mains voltage [ V ]: 230

Fuel: pea coal, culm

Product specification

Power output 35 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 178 mm
Weight 456 kg
Efficiency 85 %
Size of heated surface 350 m²
Water capacity 102 L
Height 1565 mm
Width 1240 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its base 1246 mm
Depth 925 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 348x248 mm
Required chimney draught 25 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 6/4 inch
Min. incoming water temperature 57 °C


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