Boiler for pellet PEREKO KSP Pelet 20 kW

Boiler for pellet PEREKO KSP Pelet 20 kW


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KSP Pellet 20 kW boiler is designed for heating, which is environmentally friendly. He has given the highest, 5 emissions class according to standard PN EN 303-5:2012. The fueles in use are all kinds of pellets (a type of biomass which includes wood, straw, seed hulls such us sunflower). During combustion the PEREKO KSP Pelet 20kW boiler does not emit into the atmosphere excessive amounts of harmful substances. Granules of wood pellets burn out almost completely (89% depending on the quality) leaving a slight amount of ash, which can be used as a full-fledged eco-friendly fertilizer (eg. on the plot). High energy value of the pellet (16-20 MJ/kg) in combination with automatic ignition feature, power control and low power consumption affects the efficiency of the boiler.

KSP pellet has the ultimate advantage in solid fuel boilers category in terms of: efficiency, automation of service and care for the environment. Ergonomic boiler casing allows for flexible adaptive capacity to the size of the heated surface eliminating the universal energy loss problem of overflowing the boiler combustion chamber. High-performance efficency (94%) and minimum requirements of cleaning have been achieved through advanced design of the heat exchanger. PEREKO KSP Pelet 20kW boiler is extremely functional due to the small size, adjustable boiler fuel hopper and door installation on the left or right side.

Pellas control system (with FUZZY LOGIC algorithm) manages the boiler work by operating 3 pumps (DHW>, hot water from the central heating and underfloor), mixing valve actuator and temperature limiter. The driver is responsible for the commissioning of the boiler, power level control and cleaning. The automatic lighter function allows firing up the boiler at any time. In the event of a power failure, after restoration the boiler continues to operate, because all of the settings and parameters are stored in the system memory. Maintenance-free operation of the boiler guarantees a special technology of fuel mixing in the furnace chamber. Highly advanced method of combustion overpressure protects against flame recession and constant temperature monitoring to guarantees the safety of users operating the boiler.

Product specification

Power output 20 kW
Weight 375 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 159 mm
Efficiency 94 %
Boiler class (303-5:2012) 5
Size of heated surface 200 m²
Water capacity 95 L
Height 1300 mm
Width 1100 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 1520 mm
Max. water temperature 95 °C
Silo volume 300 dm³
Required chimney draught 20 Pa
Power supply 230V / 50Hz


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