Boiler for coal and culm OGNIWO EKO PLUS - 10 kW with internet module control

Boiler for coal and culm OGNIWO EKO PLUS - 10 kW with internet module control

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Fuel: pea coal granulation 5-30 mm


Substitute fuel: culm


- 48 months for boiler
- 24 months for other elements


The boiler has the ICHPW ecological and safety certificate and has been equipped with eCoal steering software.

Advantages of boiler :

- upgraded ventilation system for more efficiency with burning
all types of coal,

- modified feeder construction to reduce resistance,

- modified shape of the fireplace which is providing better fuel burning,

- large hopper is minimizing fuel suspension inside the feeder,

- special construction of the fire chamber is minimize deposition of soot and tars in boiler exchanger,

- innovative design of grate coupled to the deflector.







Product specification

Power output 10 kW
Weight 350 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 140 mm
Efficiency 90 %
Min. chimney diameter 160x160 mm
Size of heated surface 110 m²
Water capacity 46 L
Boiler heating surface 1.5 m²
Height 1085 mm
Width 1125 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its axis. 855 mm
Depth 745 mm
Max working pressure 2 bar
Silo volume 180 dm³
Outlet and inlet size 40 inch
Power supply 230V


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