Boiler DEFRO DS 32 kW

Boiler DEFRO DS 32 kW


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Boilers DEFRO series DS, the bottom combustion, which is the most efficient and environmentally friendly type of fuel combustion in the boiler of the chute manually. Fuel is burned in an efficient and energy-saving by maintaining constant layer of glowing embers in the boiler.

Additionally, features that characterize the lower combustion are:

  • lower emissions,
  • better fuel afterburning
  • lower exhaust gas temperature at the boiler outlet
  • higher efficiency exceeding 86%

Use of this boiler does not require electricity because the boiler works by using natural air flow, and temperature control is carried out mechanically by means of a tumble flap wheel mounted in the door bottom or using draught regulator. An additional feature of this boiler is the possibility of regulating the secondary air stream. Series boilers DS has a built-in cooling coil, which allows for installation in closed systems.


  • 3 years for tightness of the heat exchanger,
  • 2 years for other elements and efficient operation of the boiler

In set:

  • Safety fittings
  • Thermal valve BVTS
  • Draught regulator
  • Cooling circuit
  • Thermometr
  • Flue extension with the damper
  • Cast iron grate securing embers
  • Hinged flap
  • Cleaning tools


  • heat exchangers made from certified boiler steel / grade. P265GH / 6mm
  • high thermal efficiency dating back to 87%
  • can be installed in a closed system
  • control the flow of secondary air
  • combustion control using the knob on the bottom door or help draughtt regulator
  • large combustion chamber
  • ceramic catalyst for stabilizing the combustion process


Product specification

Power output 32 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 178 mm
Weight 433 kg
Efficiency 95,4 %
Min. chimney diameter 190 mm
Size of heated surface 320 m²
Water capacity 110 L
Boiler heating surface 3,6 m²
Height 1467 mm
Width 733 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its base 1123 mm
Depth 1103 mm
Max. water temperature 90 °C
Max working pressure 2,0-2,5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 408x388 mm
Size of the combustion chamber (width/depth/height) 408x390x631 mm
Required chimney draught 30 Pa
Minimum chimney section 17x17 cm²
Min. chimney height 11 m
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/2 inch


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