Boiler Defro Delta 35 kW

Boiler Defro Delta 35 kW

Catalog number: KCO-D-35|
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DELTA boilers are designed to burn coal and firewood. The combustion process is controlled mechanically by turning the hinged flap in the door. In addition, the charging door is placed adjustable iris, which regulates the flow of secondary air. This solution greatly improves the combustion process and emission parameters. You can also adjust the combustion process by using draft regulator. In addition, boilers are suitable for the fan and the electronic controller. The advantage is capacious boiler combustion chamber that provides long hours of operation, as well as the large doors, which facilitate the loading of fuel.

- coal,
- wood,
- wood pellets,
- sawdust.


- 4 years for tightness of the boiler's exchanger.
- 2 years for other elements.

Product specification

Power output 35 kW
Weight 429 kg
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 178 mm
Efficiency 82 %
Min. chimney diameter 200 mm
Size of heated surface 350 m²
Water capacity 114 L
Boiler heating surface 3.2 m²
Inner metal sheet thickness 6 mm
Height 1175 mm
Width 846 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its base 765 mm
Depth 1114 mm
Max. water temperature 90 °C
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 458 x 288 mm
Required chimney draught 31 Pa
Min. chimney height 8 m
Outlet and inlet size 1 1/2 inch
Min. incoming water temperature 65 °C


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