Biomass boiler Moderator Agro MAX 100 kW

Biomass boiler Moderator Agro MAX 100 kW

Available Options

Moderator Unica Max is a biomass boiler made ​​of steel sheets. Unica Max besides biomass can additionally burn coal. Walls and grids are cooled with water, ash removal is done mechanically. The boiler is equipped with an exhaust fan that is mounted on the flue exhaust.

With Unica Max you can choose in "Available Options" at which side of the boiler the connections should be.

The big advantage of the boiler Moderator Unica Max is that it work with APSB Automatic Feeder. It is a great solution for customers who are planning to buy boiler with feeder in the future but at the moment it is impossible. Simply order a boiler with the prepared burner opening (select in the "Available Options") and when you decide for feeder just order the APSB. With this solution, you don't lose the money spend on the boiler but expand its capabilities.

Set includes:
- Steering and fan (all models)
- Thermometer (all models)
- Boiler cleaning set (all models)

- 36 months

Product specification

Power output 100 kW
Exhaust gas pipe diameter 280 mm
Weight 1025 kg
Efficiency 80 %
Water capacity 410 L
Size of the combustion chamber 429 dm³
Height 1570 mm
Width 988 mm
Exhaust pipe distance measured from the floor to its base 911 mm
Depth with exhaust pipe 2140 mm
Max working pressure 1.5 bar
Loading compartment dimensions 328x588 mm
Max. length of wood 670 mm
Required chimney draught 40 Pa
Outlet and inlet size 3 inch


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