Battery 80-12V (80 Ah)

Battery 80-12V (80 Ah)

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 Rated capacity: 80 Ah
Dimensions (mm):
- Lenght: 215
- Height: 260
- Width: 170
Weight: 28 kg
Power consumption:
- 230 V AC: 1200 mA
- 12 V DC: 19 A
Operating temperature: 20°C

Batteries are made in AGM technology, costructed by plates, separators, safety valves and container. Since the electrolyte is held by a glass-mat separator and plates, batteries can use in any direction without leakage. Design life of AML type batteries - 10 years.
Typical applications:
- uninterruptible power supply (UPS);
- telecommunication;
- emergency lighting systems.


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