Automatic stoker APSB SMOK GZ with cast iron burner 60 kW

Automatic stoker APSB SMOK GZ with cast iron burner 60 kW

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APSB Smok with cast-iron burner ZL is a modern appliance designed for burning fuel of the granulation up to 30mm and of the humidity up to 25%:

  • wood

  • wood chips

  • shavings

  • peat

  • pellets

  • cherry drupels

  • tree bark

There are additional options available, like menu language or capacity of the hopper. For all options scroll up to the top of the page.

APSB Smok was constructed on the basis of 30 years' lasting experience in wood wastes burning. This appliance should cooperate with a water boiler Moderator type and be used for heating single family dwellings, industrial halls, schools etc. The combustion process is controlled automatically.

The burner should be of the same or of a higher power than a boiler.


Warranty: 24 months 

The APSB Smok appliance supplying Moderator boilers comprises of:

1. Hopper
2. Worm conveyor
3. Cast-iron burner
4. Steering
5. Star feeder with containers size from 4m3 to 10 m3



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