Accumulation tank (without coils) GALMET SG (B) 1500 + detachable insulation NEODUL

Accumulation tank (without coils) GALMET SG (B) 1500 + detachable insulation NEODUL

Catalog number: 70-150600| EAN: 5901224710155| NN: 21185



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1479 L
Warranty: 60 months
Construction: steel, non-enamelled tank

Advantages of using an accumulation tank:

- longer lifetime of the boiler, chimney 
  and of other parts of the heating system
- lower risk of water boiling in the boiler
- improved use of heat (obout 40 %)
- reduced tar formation inside the boiler
- higher efficiency of combustion in the boiler
- simplified operation of the boiler as it works on 
  optimum power
- lower ash production and easier boiler cleaning


Product specification

Boiler water capacity 1479 l
Weight (without isolation) 210 kg
Maximum boiler water temperature 95 °C
Maximum pressure for boiler water tank 0.3 MPa
Height 2700 mm
Diameter (without isolation) 900 mm
Diameter (with isolation) 1100 mm
Boiler connections 6/4" inch


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