3-way thermic valve 50mm (2) REGULUS TSV2 61°C+ connectors 50mm (2)

3-way thermic valve 50mm (2) REGULUS TSV2 61°C+ connectors 50mm (2)

NN: 24870

Opening temperature:
+ 61oC
Connector: thread 50mm (2")
kv: 24m3/h
Max. allowed pressure: 0,6 MPa (6bar)
Max operating temperature: 1100C
Weight: 1,96kg


In the process of burning, among others also water releases from burning fuels in the form of steam. If the flue gas temperature is high enough, the steam exits through a chimney together with flue gas. However, if the flue gas cools down at a certain spot, condensation occurs. Condensate forms, containing further combustion products that can be very aggressive, esp. when burning wood or solid fuels, and can cause corrosion very quickly as well as clog heat transfer surfaces.

TSV2 thermostatic mixing valves mix cold return water with hot water from the boiler outlet. This way the whole heat exchanger (heat transfer surfaces) is kept warmer, at temperatures that will not allow condensation to occur and so clogging and quick corrosion will be prevented. Clogged heat transfer surfaces deteriorate boiler efficiency substantially and increase the risk of scale formation.

Quick corrosion and clogging will not occur if the heat transfer surfaces are warm enough as condensation will not occur above certain temperatures. The heat transfer surfaces will be warmer, making their service life longer and the boiler efficiency higher.


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